What causes BDE Error 8712 "Could not find object" when accessing MS SQL Server 7 table? Other Symptoms could be columns not appearing or blank.


MS SQL Server 7 introduces new field types called NVARCHAR, NCHAR and NTEXT. These types represent Unicode data and are not supported by the BDE.

The workaround is to change these field types to VARCHAR or TEXT.

Please note there are no ODBC drivers which have been certified by Borland which support MSSQL Server 7, only up to MSSQL Server 6.5 (see the Readme.txt file).

We recommend using the ADO components available with Delphi 5 to connect to MS SQL Server 7.

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  1. Dio Ivanov says:

    Is there any MySQL tutorial? If it is there, please give me that direct link, send to


  2. Delphi says:

    sure, you can download mysql tutorial at
    or mysql related to php at
    i sent this link to you by email also.

  3. Dio Ivanov says:

    I got it and i've downloaded them from my email inboz.

    And also i have installed mySQL application which show me something complicated, like a blank screen on a window, i can't understand any at the moment.

    Have you made something with mySQL? Or maybe related with mySQL?

  4. Delphi says:

    ... ;P,
    i also had the same experienced with mysql,
    but dont worry, you already make a progress.

    try to make small database, small table and for first try you can edit database data through mysql admin. for next you can make application interface through delphi.

    for advance, you can downloads some component to connect your delphi application to mysql.

    dont worry, just make a mistake and you get thousand progress ...

    enjoy sql

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